About Us

About the Mahayana Temple Retreat

Built in 1971, Mahayana Temple Retreat is a branch of a non-profit organization called Eastern States Buddhist Temple of America. Dedicated to promoting Mahayana Buddhism in the United States, Mahayana Temple Retreat offers Dharma teachings, Dharma practices, and meditation classes.

Now we gladly offer Joy Cottage as a peaceful getaway to recharge your mind and body. Residing deep in the forest, the Joy Cottage is designed with inspiration from traditional Buddhist aesthetics. The lake and garden are perfect for a walk in the sunset. Enjoy this unique experience of a calm and blissful break from the busy city with family or friends.

Languages: English, Mandarin, Cantonese

Partners and Affiliates

The Joy Cottage is pleased to announce that we are expanding. We have partnered with The Cottage Retreats and will be adding new cottages by 2026! The Cottage Retreats will feature 4 new cottages for guests to experience the unique views and temple grounds alongside The Joy Cottage.

The Cottage Retreats manages the Joy Cottage to bring you the best customer service possible to ensure you and your fellow guests are able to truly relax and enjoy your retreat.

For more information about The Cottage Retreats and affiliates, please visit Cottage Vacations